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National Latina / Latino Commission
Training of NLLC

National Latina / Latino Commission (NLLC) will provide training on Immigration Intregation, Mentoring, Opioid Overdose Crisis 

  • Top level leadership
  • Operations management

Top level leadership will receive comprehensive executive training from State and National Partner's. Part of the training will include specific training on Mentoring, Opioid Overdose Crisis and  Immigration Intregation etc. and what accountability means, why it is needed, and how it is achieved in a non-profit organization. It will also be an important element in all follow up  of mentoring. It is recognized that without the commitment of top leadership, true accountability and optimum performance can not be achieved.

NLLC will also be a referral comprehensive source of training regarding accountability for operations management. This referral will include detailed support on how to use available accounting and reporting software, as well as submitting IRS and state required submissions for non-profits, such as the annual IRS Form 990. This training will be delivered through seminars and electronic communication, as well as through the coaching activities described later in this document.

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