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National Latina / Latino Commission
Benefits of NLLC
  • The National Latina / Latino Commission strategy team is in the process of developing methods for becoming a re-granting organization for the providing information and to direct financial support to the Faith-Based community within their sphere of influence. It will be a National organization to assit all state faith-based entities better aware of funding that may come available.
  • Be a support to state and national governments. Each NLLC Partner should adopt the goal of working with state legislators on establishing equal access to Faith-Based referral services and to recommend Faith-Based leaders in serving their state by having our Faith-Based leaders gain equal access by serving in public service position, i.e.; study committees. NLLC also has a strategic plan to encourage the state of Arizona to use the Faith-Based providers in their referral system.
  • Direct local non-profits to corporations that provide administrative and accounting services. Many small non-profits cannot afford staff to assist them with the administrative details required to be a successful and accountable non-profit. NLLC's partnership with Creative Business Resources has helped bridge the gap for many small non-profits.
  • Build bridges and foster relationships to fulfill targeted social needs within in state . This can be accomplished by monthly rallies in each state. The rallies would be used to network the non-profits, as well as provide educational opportunities for non-profit leaders. NLLC provides an overall rally for all non-profits, religious and non-religious groups.  It is also suggested that individual faith groups rally their own people to stay focused on issues that directly relate to their faith.
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