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National Latina / Latino Commission

The primary goal of the National Latina/Latino Commission is to network with the Latino Community, Churches and Latino faith-based organizations to better serve their communities in each state. Our Mission is to help build a strong economic engine in America, by training our next generation of leaders the value of a good Education and the Workforce Development. One of our main focus's will be to Equip, Engage, and Mentor, Women, Men and Youth. We will appoint Faith-Based Director's in every state to oversee this establishment .

Our mentoring will be focused on these Seven Spheres of Influence, Education, Government, Family, Church, Media, Business and Entertainment. The cooperation we have developed will serve the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for Youth, Community leaders, Chaplains, Clergy and Business women/men at their respective organizations. NLLC'S corporate International mission statement  also includes, seeking sponsor's to Build Bomb Shelters near schools, in Israel to protect children and teens from rockets fired into Israel. Our Vice-President of International Affairs, will provide Educational tours for students and adults desiring to learn the dangers children and teens face everday in Israel. 

Isaiah 2:2
"In the last days, the mountain of the house of the Lord will be the most important of the mountains. It will be raised above the hills. All nations will come to it."

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