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National Latina / Latino Commission
Roy DeLaGarza
Roy DeLaGarza

For more than 40 years Roy DeLaGarza has impacted the lives of millions in two languages by radio, television, recordings and videos. His style is creative and contemporary and is loved by all. Young and old rejoice with the illustrations and dynamic style he uses to convey his message. He is also a musician/composer who's recordings in Spanish have charted and played throughout Latin-America and the U.S. He is pastor and founder of several progressive churches. Among other things he functions as overseer for several churches and ministries. He has discipled and launched many into active ministry. . He is also founder of several Spanish Christian television channels that operate 24 hours 7 days a week, and hosts, a daily syndicated radio program. Roy DeLaGarza is a minister, pastor, broadcaster, composer and musician. He has pioneered and pastored several progressive churches and several broadcast TV stations. His videos and music have touched lives around the world. Pastor Roy De L Garza has been Pastor and Mentor of Rev. Eve Martinez for over 40 years. He serves on the board on National Latina/ Latino Commission and Help4kidz Foundation. Pastor Roy De La Garza is Vice-President of Evangelism for National Latina/ Latino Commission. 

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